About Us

We make intriguing wooden objects - some decorative, some useful - some both!

Wooden Contraptions is a husband-and-wife team.

Wojtek has been working with wood for a number of years. He is inspired by spatial geometry, topology, and multi-part mechanisms. He would often create things like a clock with wooden gears, or unique topological carvings.

Jolanta has a bit more of a utilitarian bent of her mind. She would see the aforementioned topological carving and say'You know, that would make a great coaster'. She also focuses on the safety of finished objects. After putting an effort into creating unique items for our home, she wants them to be safe and non-toxic, too.

Wooden Contraptions grew at the intersection of our interests. Here, you can find marvelous wooden products for your home, some versatile and useful, some designed to enrich your space and provide a focal point and mental inspiration. Always beautiful.

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