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Wooden Contraptions

Triskelion Finger Labyrinth in Walnut, 7.5" diameter

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Finger labyrinths are a tool for meditation and spirituality - they can help to calm and center oneself. A carved finger path makes it unnecessary to look, allowing one to focus on the walk. As opposed to a traditional maze, there are no wrong turns. This beautiful finger labyrinth features a pattern of a triple spiral, or, as often found in Celtic symbology, triskelion. Unlike a classical pattern, it is a continuous path, allowing for perpetual movement along the labyrinth, for the duration of the meditation.

Features of this finger labyrinth:
  • The labyrinth has wide grooves with smooth edges, which are very satisfying and easy to trace.
  • Triple spiral forms a continuous path, allowing perpetual movement
  • Medium sized: measures 7 ½ inch in diameter and is approximately ¾ inch thick
  • Made of walnut wood and comes with a cotton storage bag
  • Hand polished and hand finished with beeswax and jojoba oil
  • An optional keyhole slot can be added on the back for hanging on a wall

What makes this labyrinth unique?

The motif of the triple spiral is called triskelion or triskele. The word comes from Greek for ‘three arms’. This symbol had a major prominence in Celtic beliefs, where it was associated with the god Manannán mac Lir, but it has appeared in many early cultures. The meaning of triskele is varied and open to diverse interpretations, making it a versatile tool for a variety of meditations. It can represent movement, flow, and cycles of life. It is also used to represent a variety of triplicities in cosmology and theology: life-death-rebirth, past-present-future, spirit-mind-body, Sacred Feminine Goddess maiden-mother-crone.
The medium size of a labyrinth is excellent for keeping on a table or desk. Walnut wood is really beautiful and its unique grain makes the labyrinth an elegant object, decorating your space.
The maze can also be held in hand - the edges of the labyrinth are rounded and profiled, so it nestles in your hands. That makes it very comfortable to hold.


Handcrafted from walnut wood

Finished with beeswax and jojoba oil


7.5" diameter, 0.75" thick

The labyrinth above features a motif of the triple spiral, called triskelion or triskele. This symbol had a major prominence in Celtic beliefs, where it was associated with the god Manannán Mac Lir.
The sculpture shown here was inspired by another Celtic symbol - triquetra, or Celtic trinity knot.

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