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Wooden Contraptions

Wooden Coasters with Math Symbols, set of 4

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This is a set wooden coasters, engraved with 4 most important numbers in mathematics! This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves math! A great conversation starter - while most people are familiar with the concept of π, the other symbols are less widely known.

The symbols included are:

'e' - Euler's number, the base of natural logarithm
'π'- Everyone knows π
'ϕ'- Golden ratio,
'i' - Imaginary number - square root of -1
Each symbol is included once in the set.
Walnut wood is beautiful, making these very elegant, yet practical objects, protecting your table from moisture and heat. Suitable for both hot and cold drinks, these make perfect drinks, beer and coffee coasters.
  • made of solid walnut wood
  • 3.6" x 3.6", and around 0.2" thick
  • the coasters are sealed to protect them from moisture
  • perfect for cold and hot drinks

More information

Each set comes with four unique coasters, one with each mathematical constant. Coasters are tied with twine and come in a small cotton storage bag. A coaster holder, made of walnut wood, can be added.


Handcrafted from walnut wood

Walnut wood sealed with water-resistant finish


3.6" x 3.6", and around 0.2" thick

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