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Wooden Contraptions

Möbius Strip Wooden Sculpture, Walnut Wood, 7"

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This abstract sculpture is a representation of Möbius strip. The Möbius strip is a one-sided surface with no beginning and no end, and this sculpture captures the beauty and complexity of this mathematical concept. The sculpture folds onto itself, resulting in a single, continuous surface shape - if you trace the surface, you will visit both the top and bottomand return to the starting point.

  • It measures around 7 inches in diameter and is around 1 3/4 inch thick
  • The carving is made of walnut wood
  • It can be displayed laying flat or in a stand (included, made of black plastic)


Made to order, ready to ship in 7 business days.

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This is a marvelous example of math art, making it a perfect gift for math lovers and for everyone who appreciates the beauty of geometry. The sculpture looks beautiful both displayed on a table or on a wall. As it is made of sturdy wood, do not be afraid to handle the sculpture frequently - this shape is meant to be appreciated in all three dimensions and in movement!


Handcrafted from walnut wood

Finished with beeswax and jojoba oil


7" diameter, 1.75" thick

The look of this sculpture changes depending on the wood it is made in. Explore our current selection, and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to request this sculpture made in custom wood choice!

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